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Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
-huh. bet he used bait, too. relax, boy. we're ahead of schedule. actually, we have to go 2,200 miles in ten hours. ten hours?! we got to roll! uh, yeah, i need something that'll keep me awake, alert and reckless all night long. well, congress is racing back to washington to outlaw these. sold! hey, you can't take that many pep pills at once. no problem. i'll balance it out with a bottle of sleeping pills. okay, we're all set. let's put the pedal to the metal! i wholeheartedly agree. oh, man, i'm really wired. this is a big mistake. i can... oh... here comes the sleeping pills. so drowsy. pep pills perking up again. i could drive all... night. ( snoring ) 3 ( signal bell dinging ) ( mumbling ) ( screaming ) i fell asleep at the wheel! but we didn't crash. ( gasps ) it's a miracle. you'll never believe what happened. i fell asleep at the wheel and the truck drove here by itself. yeah, that navitron auto-drive system's made our jobs cushier than ever. the what, now? you know, this thing. with this baby driving your truck for you all you got to do is sit back and
Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to build fast, cement drying! let's see. oh... english side ruined. must use french instructions. "le grille"? what the hell is that? aw, come here... get... come on, fit. you... ( grunting ) ah. yeah, that's one fine-looking barbecue pit. why doesn't mine look like that?! ( screaming ) why? why?! why must life be so hard? why must i fail in every attempt at masonry? ( screaming ) how's your father's project coming along? i think he's almost done. ( screaming ) yeah, he's done. ( clears throat ) i'd like to return this barbecue kit. all returned items must be in a box and accompanied by a receipt. well, if you'll follow the flashlight you'll see the receipt embedded here and here and elements of the box here here and possibly here. sorry, i didn't get this hammer hat by handing out refunds. oh! ( grunting ): come on. hold on, there, santa claus. that box is for toys only. well, of course. any kid would love to have this... uh, activity center. it teaches them while they learn. yeah, nice try, saint nick. now, hit the road, kris kringle. you heard me, "pear" noel. what you got there? b
Aug 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. that's sweet. they cut out the best word! didn't that movie used to have a war in it? come on. get up! you've been warned. picture yourself on a beautiful sailboat... ( tape playing ocean noises ) ah, can't you just feel the sea breeze in your hair? or scalps? say, i hear a foghorn. ( imitating foghorn ): boooor-ing. bart, we don't want to overstimulate these people. they just had pudding. ( doorbell ringing ) hello, little girl. is your mommy home? you'll need to ask her for five dollars to buy mr. bouncy best-friend! i know you. your little smart-mouthedy cost this town the olympics. man: who is it, mother? bart simpson's father. oh, i'll be right down. ( footsteps on stairs ) ow! unh! ow! unh! ow! unh! ow! unh! ow! unh! ow! unh! homer: boy, lenny you sure look hungry. have some nuts. hey, thanks. ow! my eye! ow! ow! ow! ( laughing ) now, if you want to be the life of the party like lenny here just place your order for this hilarious novelty item. homer, get out of here. boy, moe, you sure look angry. here, have some nuts. hey, thanks. ow! god, my eye! get it out! geez! ow! ow! don'
Aug 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
buttons. and that's where the bookmobile lady used to live. if you love me, you'll kill me. hey, mom, look. marge: ooh, looks like something exciting's happening. well, we'll have to read about it in tomorrow's paper. why can't we see it now? well, it's not really on our walking route... oh... where'd you get that champagne? clown. thanks, noodles. all this commotion just for a store? hey, it's not just a store. it's a megastore. "mega" means "good" and "store" means "thing." wow, what a high-tech wonderland. oop, got an itch. crowd: ew! whoa, this place has everything. even a shoplifting department. what convenience. i'm doing all my thieving here. this is so much nicer than the kwik-e-mart. oh? oh, i'm sorry, but... oh, it really is. yes, i know, but... still. hey, dad. give me 50 bucks. better make it 100. yeah, me, too. don't you think you're spoiling... ahhh! ( blowing raspberry ) new music? man, all these bands are just ripping off judas priest. ( judas priest playing on walkman ) ooh, i hear this really sucks. hmm, "director's commentary." i'm sorry. i am really sorry. oh, uh, i don
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
caring. so, we're even then? not by a long shot. but i have a solution that'll work out for both of us. especially you. i don't want a cellular transmitter sticking out of my roof. we prefer to think of them as "keep in touch towers." it's called caring, marge. plus, you've increased springfield's roaming capabilities 64%. you've got to admit, marge, that's a lot more roaming. oh, i guess. hey, this is pretty comfortable. that andy capp was on to something. ugh. that antenna is an eyesore. just pretend it's a tree, honey. or as we say at omnitouch, a "progress tree." yeah, well, i hope it doesn't hum too loud 'cause i have a ton of homework to do and if don't finish it by... ( screams ) my room! what? i heard a yell. did you touch a wire? what happened to my room? nothing. they just needed a place to put all the electronic gizmos and i know much you like that science-y stuff, so i decid-- you gave away my room?! come on, lisa. try and see this from the omnitouch corporation's point of view. your father's right, lisa. cellular service is about communication and unity. community. oh... 
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
park with us? no. your father drives like an old lady. at least i've got a license. ( quietly ): come on, kids. i went too far. aw, what a gyp. they're all just lying around. do something! bart, they're not here to entertain us. i've seen plays that were more exciting than this. honest to god-- plays! i don't want to pay four bucks to watch some monkey wannabe laying in the sun! but, dad, lemurs are nocturnal. don't worry, honey. daddy will fix that broken animal. no! i'm not going to hurt him. i'm just going to wake him up. ( screeches ) ( bellowing ) ( hooves thundering ) uh-oh. here's your slingshot, lisa! i told them a chain-link fence wouldn't hold rhinos. oh, wait. no, i didn't. i meant to tell them. ( shrieks ) ( screaming ) don't worry, kids. i know just what to do. jumanji! does anything from the movies actually work? aw, nuts. isn't there anybody who can round up these thunder lizards? well, they'd need a pretty rugged vehicle. and a heart to match. i'd like to help you, chief but my license was revoked. seems i'm full of rage. then do it for this adorable little puppy. look
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6